Children at Functions

Our ‘no kids under 15 years’ policy sometimes worries people planning on booking a function.
With nearly a year of experience with this policy we are now quite well placed to respond to many of the comments and questions that come our way regarding this policy, here are a few of the more common issues.

  1. For certain functions such as baby showers and particularly bridal showers, children, especially older children, should really not be involved. The subject of many conversations is often simply not suitable for children. When children are present nobody can really relax and let their hair down.
  2. We frequently get told that there will only be one or two children attending and that surely this is ok. The answer is no, and if you think about it from the kids point of view, what can be worse than attending an adult function as a kid with nothing to do, it must be terribly boring.
  3. When children are present at venues such as ours where there is a great deal of open water and other hazards, they need to be supervised at all times. Do the parents really want to spend their time watching and worrying about their kids?

Overall, is the policy working?

We frequently get told that we are mad not to allow children, as if this policy would be suicide for our business.

The reality is that there are many people who enjoy visiting places where children are not present, in fact we even get parents visiting us and loving the chance to just get away from their kids for a few hours.

No, these are not bad parents, just normal people who need a break.