Our Restaurant

The Wild Goose Cafe

Our main restaurant

Our main restaurant


Our Restaurant, The Wild Goose Café, operates from the same well equipped kitchens that supply meals for the many conferences and events that are hosted annually at Blandford Manor. The Café pursues the Manors tradition of providing good, tasty ‘comfort’ food using only the best ingredients with tried and tested recipes handed down over decades.

Damn Good Food:

With our menu you wont need to speak a foreign language to understand the menu and when you see a dish that you like, you know you will be receiving exactly what you expected, cooked the traditional way with lots of love and attention.

The same dedication and attention is paid to preparing a meal for each and every one of our Café guests as is spent preparing a meal for three hundred guests at a gala dinner or cocktail evening. Our seven permanent highly trained chef’s work as a team to provide a complete range of menus including an a-la-carte menu which is available Tuesday to Sunday and traditional pizzas prepared in our own wood burning oven (available Friday to Sunday and on public holidays).

Special Events:

For special events such as Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Bridal showers and such, a number of buffet meals including our Classic Buffet, Lunch Buffet, Spit and Traditional braai menus, platters, cocktails and high teas are available, please see these menus attached.

Most of our guests love to sit in the gardens on warm days, enjoying the peace and quiet, our signature service is tranquility, just the sounds of nature, no loud music or clatter of flea markets. A favourite spot is right next to the river.

You can eat in the garden . . .

You can eat in the garden . . .


 . . . or on the deck.

. . . or on the deck.

On cold days we have the open hearth fires burning inside so you can still relax and get warm. We have a wonderful selection of soups and hot drinks to choose from to make that dismal day just a little bit nicer.

Our pub, ideal for small groups

Our pub, ideal for small groups


The Wild Goose, despite it’s obvious appearance, is still a restaurant and should be treated as any other restaurant. Many of our guests visit The Wild Goose for the peace and Tranquility it offers and for this reason that we do not allow music to be played in the gardens, this in fact is our signature difference to most other garden restaurants.

We ask our patrons to please respect this and to help us maintain the soothing and relaxing mood of the Manor.

Our venue is NOT ideal for older children, there is very little to keep them occupied and they get bored very quickly. If you have older children that are very active then we strongly suggest you rather take them to one of the many excellent restaurants that specialise in entertaining children.

Please note that we are very strict regarding the following:

  • No Balls, frisbees, kites etc.
  • No bicycles, quads, plastic motor bikes, skateboards, roller skates etc.
  • No Animals
  • No running on the lawns

The venue has a number of potential dangers, particularly over the river, and, for this reason, children may not cross the bridges or visit the far side of the river without adult supervision. Dangers include tall structures, steep rocky cliffs, dangerous snakes and poisonous plants.

We therefore ask that you supervise your children at all times.