A few words of advice

Weddings are a very special day for everyone. A day that will live in your memory for years to come and needless to say, a day when you want everything to go just right.

We all have expectations and some preconceived ideas of what should happen on this special day, marriage is forever.

Seeing Hollywood weddings on TV gives us a window into the ‘perfect’ event and of course we have attended friends and relatives weddings, and it is from these occasions that we draw our inspiration, but what exactly is important and where should we focus our attention?

Perhaps we can give you a new perspective on what to look out for and where to focus your attention.

First thing to remember, as bride and groom, this is ‘your’ special day, not anyone else. You should plan to do what you want and try not to get ‘railroaded’ by relatives and well meaning friends.

Here are a few suggestions that may help:

Keep costs down:

  1. Weddings are expensive, keep the size of your wedding small so that you don’t deplete your bank balance more than is absolutely necessary.
  2. Consider getting married in an off-peak period (maybe consider a week day or daytime event rather than an evening / night time event when rates may be lower)
  3. Choose a venue where basic event planning is provided rather than appoint a wedding planner.

Focus on what is really important:

Years after your wedding you will have forgotten much of what happened at your wedding. What with the frantic preparations and the whirlwind of activities on the day there is so much to do that you will find yourself struggling to get everything done, never mind taking even a mental note of what your guests are up to.

And that’s where the photographer comes into play, he, or she, will be carefully documenting in pictures, all manner of things that will happen at your wedding, including things that you will be unaware of. Thank goodness for this because now you have a record that you can refer to and which you can show your friends and family in years to come.

So, give your photographer plenty of time to do their job, and that includes daylight hours when all the bridal couple and family shots need to be taken. In other words, start early so that you do not lose the most precious time needed to properly document the events on your precious day.

Need a clue, then assume you need at least 60 to 90 minutes of good daylight to take the photos, and that is after your ceremony has taken place.

Leave a window open for unexpected delays:

Strange things can happen, VIP guests sometimes arrive late, the minister gets stuck in traffic or is delayed by some unexpected situation, the flowers or some other important item gets delayed and sometimes the bride takes a little longer than expected to get ready. Delays happen more often than you would believe, so allow some time for these unexpected delays. We recommend that you leave a window of 30 minutes for unexpected delays.


Having said this, you will naturally be inviting your family and friends. This means that a large percentage of your guests will be older people who will frequently have a different take on the activities and what they expect from the younger crowd.

Generally speaking you find that the older guests plus those who have small children, will stay for all the formalities and then leave early.

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