Why Blandford Manor is the Best!

What makes conferences at Blandford Manor better than most other venues.

  1. Our rates are very competitive, but you still get everything that you would expect from a top class conference centre.
  2. We work on week-ends, and our rates are the same as week-days
  3. We adjust our billing from day-to-day – as long as you keep us informed as to the number of delegates you are expecting the next day, that is the number you will pay for . (cut-off time midday the day before)
  4. We include everything you need within our price – no additional charge for venue, projectors, sound systems etc, if it’s installed in the room then there is no extra charge. The price also includes FREE secure parking and WiFi.
  5. We have our own on site catering team, this means we have far more flexibility than most venues.
  6. We can prepare Halaal ‘friendly’ (normally fish) dishes which can save you a fortune – so long as your delegates will agree, and most are happy to.
  7. We can assist with most special dietary requirements.
  8. Only the very best ingredients are used in our food and we grow all our own herbs.
  9. We take a personal interest in you. Blandford Manor is owner run and managed on an hour-by-hour, day-to-day basis.
  10. We open early, the office is normally open from 06h00
  11. Our catering staff cater for conferences as well as our upmarket restaurant, conference food is of the same high quality you would get in our restaurant.
  12. Blandford Manor is located in a Botanical Garden – this ensures tranquility and also provides an escape for delegates between sessions.
  13. We have generator backup as well as water backup to minimize downtime and inconvenience.
  14. If you need somewhere to meet privately during a conference (with another delegate or a colleague perhaps), you can adjourn to our restaurant (inside or in the garden) for a casual (private) chat and enjoy a slice of cake or a real cappuccino prepared by our barista.
  15. We have room at the entrance for banners and flags if you would like to promote your company.
  16. Rooms (and access way signage) are individually branded for you with your company logo and course / conference name.
  17. We have an on site Spa if required.