Conference Rates

Corporate Conference / Venue Rates for 2023

Full Day Rate (any period of more than 5 hours between the hours of 07h00 and 18h00):

400 pp (R460 pp incl VAT) includes:

Catering as below

Half Day with lunch (any period of less than 5 consecutive hours):

R360 pp (R414 pp incl VAT) includes:

Catering as normally served for the period selected

Half Day without lunch (any period of less than 5 consecutive hours):

R315 pp (R362 pp incl VAT) includes:

Catering as normally served for the period selected (excludes buffet lunch)

Standard Conference Catering:

  • Tea (various blends) and coffee (including decaffeinated) available all day.
  • Light Continental Breakfast (yoghurt, muesli, fruit juice) with home made rusks on arrival – served until 09h30
  • Savoury or sweet snack mid-morning served at time of your choosing
  • Chef’s choice buffet lunch served at time of your choosing between 12h00 and 14h00
  • Home made Biscuits mid-afternoon (full day conferences only) served at time of your choosing

Continental Breakfast: This includes Fresh fruit, Yoghurt, Muesli, Cereals and Rusks.

Hot Buffet Breakfast: A hot buffet breakfast can be provided on arrival as a substitute for the Cold Continental Breakfast (for groups of more than 20 delegates) – surcharge R95 pp

Chef’s choice buffet lunch: This consists of the following:

  • Freshly prepared soup in cold weather
  • Selection of salads
  • Main course a range of roasts and casseroles with three main dishes – red meat (lamb or beef), white meat (chicken or fish) and a vegetarian dish served with a starch, plus vegetables.
  • Choice of 3 desserts

Conference Rates: Applies to ALL attendees including Facilitators, Trainers, Hosts, Assistants, Photographers, Crew etc who pay the same rate as other delegates, no exceptions.

These rates apply for conferences only – for other events please contact our sales department.

Small Groups (typically less than 10 people):

Groups smaller than 5 delegates will be charged for 5 delegates

Blandford Manor reserves the right to replace the buffet lunch with a plated meal.

Data Projector is charged for (not included in the rate), regardless of the venue used.

What do you get as standard in your room?

In the room you will receive:

  • Glasses (1 per person), Iced water, cordials and mixed sweets

  • Delegate pads and pens on first day

  • Tables (sufficient to seat all your delegates), chairs (one per delegate), screen, flip chart with pens (to be returned after the conference), key (for security purposes), extension cord and multi-way adaptor, white board, fitted paper rail, air conditioning with remote control, phone (on request) and phone table plus one dustbin.
  • Digital projectors and Sound systems for connection of a laptop / cd player (this is not a PA system) – except in boardroom
  • Wi Fi is available, please ask for the code – no guarantee is provided as to the bandwidth available but served via 10Mb ADSL.

Not included are the following:

Table cloths and other equipment can be supplied but are charged for.

Note: Beverages, Bottled water are available for consumption in the conference rooms or at lunch, and in the evening from the bar (when the restaurant is open) these are billed on consumption.

Note: Full Day – any period exceeding 5 hours between 07h00 and 18h00

Half day – any period up to 5 consecutive hours between 07h00 and 18h00

Breakaway Room rates (Excluding VAT):

  • Magnolia: Full Day R1 500 Half Day R1 000
  • Syringa: Full Day R2 500 Half Day R1 750
  • Poplar: Full Day R3 500 Half Day R2 500
  • Willow: Full Day R4 500 Half Day R3 500
  • Pine: Full Day R5 500 Half Day R4 500
  • Silver Birch – seating ‘as is’: Full Day R7 500 Half Day R6 000
  • Silver Birch – banquet style: Full Day R12 500 Half Day R10 000


  1. Breakaway room rates are provided for clients needing an ‘additional’ venue / room at an existing function.
  2. Venues may not be booked at these rates in place of a day rate package.
  3. Rates quoted above are for venue only, you receive no additional items such as tea and coffee, snacks, equipment, pads and pens, table cloths etc. in association with these rooms.
  4. The Silver Birch room is normally only available on week-days and in the evening. On week-ends and public holidays it is normally reserved for functions / Restaurant use.

Exclusive use of Blandford Manor Conference Centre or Restaurant and associated gardens: Full Day R25 000

Note: Food and beverage must be ordered from Blandford Manor.

Please note that the property includes private areas that do not form part of the conference venue and over which no use is granted, these include the two private houses located to the South East and separated from the main venue by “Wild Goose Lane”.

Garden setting: No Charge if used for restaurant meals, no exclusivity is offered and no room is reserved for you as a rain plan although every effort will be made to accommodate you under cover in the event of bad weather.

If a marquee is to be erected then a charge apples as follows:

  • Gazebo (40m2 max) R2 000 per day
  • Small Marquee (70m2 max) R3 500 per day
  • Medium Marquee (100m2 max) R5 000 per day
  • Large Marquee (101m2 plus) R7 500 per day
  • This charge applies to the day of the booking and to the previous and following days if required for setup breakdown

The cost of repairing any damage (to underground cables, pipes, fences, trees etc) caused during the erection / breakdown of a marquee / gazebo will be added to your master account. A refundable deposit of R5 000 is required to cover such eventualities.

Team Building: For team building delegate day rates pp apply, a room is reserved for your use for briefing sessions etc. and the garden may be used provided other activities are not interfered with and garden rules are strictly adhered to. Note: conference rooms are NOT suitable for many team building activities.

Evening hire:between 18h00 and 24h00 – full day rate applies regardless of the time required – minimum charge R10 000

Extensions: Standard operating hours can be extended as follows:

  • Extra time after 06h00 and before 07h00 R500 p/h per venue
  • Extra time after 18h00 up to 21h00 R500 p/h per venue
  • Extra time after 21h00 and before 24h00 R1 000 p/h per venue
  • Please note that waiters and barmen will also be charged for as required.

Venue Hire rates (Excluding VAT) (Rates valid between 07h00 and 18h00 irrespective of time used):

  • Magnolia: R2 500
  • Syringa: R3 500
  • Poplar: R5 500
  • Willow: R7 500
  • Pine: R10 000
  • Silver Birch: R12 500

Top floor of pub (semi private) Casual use – R1 500

Pub and deck after hours (after 18h00 until venue closes at 24h00 sharp) R2 500

These rates apply if you wish to hire a venue only with no additional catering, services etc.

ANY additional equipment including equipment installed in the room such as data projectors, screens, sound systems etc will be charged for with these venue rates.

Note: NO food or beverage may be brought in

Late Cleaning Charge: Should you require your room to be cleaned after late departure (after 18h00 but before 20h00) in preparation for an early start the following day, then a surcharge of R1 000.00 applies. After 20h00 a surcharge for cleaning of R1 500 applies

Set up timeshould you require time in a room for set-up prior to an event or conference, either during the day for an evening event or on the day prior to the event, then, provided the room is available, a charge equal to the normal appropriate room hire rate applies (full or half day). No services or equipment will be provided.

Buffet charge for guests: Any guests accompanying delegates (such as family members, Drivers etc) wishing to join delegates for the buffet lunch will be charged R145 pp ex VAT – this charge will be added to your master account unless settled in cash by the guest.


Where an indoor venue is allocated to your function, this room is for your use alone and no other parties will be allowed access.

Where you have been allocated an area in the gardens, every effort will be made to discourage other guests from interfering with your activities.

For garden functions, in the event of poor weather your party may be moved indoors but then the available space must be shared with any other functions / guests that may be at the restaurant.

Parking: Secure parking is provided at the venue under supervision of a security guard and CCTV – NO CHARGE

Protocol – use of rooms:

  1. Only rooms, common areas or areas specifically allocated to your function may be used, it is specifically prohibited for you to use or enter other venues. Should you be found using a room that has not been allocated to you, then a charge equal to the normal full day venue hire for the room will be added to your account.
  2. Common space, that is areas between conference rooms, access ways, toilets etc are to be shared by all visitors to Blandford Manor. As a sign of respect to other visitors we ask that these areas be kept tidy at all times. If you have material that you wish to dispose of, or if you need assistance from the cleaning staff, please contact our service centre who will assist. Please retain all items for disposal in your room until collected.
  3. All items of furniture and or decoration found in these common areas must not be interfered with or rearranged and may not be removed or used in your conference room.
  4. As a sign of respect, please do not make a noise that may disrupt other functions / conferences.
  5. Every effort is made to ensure that groups can enjoy the facilities that they have booked, however, should you arrive before or stay beyond your allocated time then the activities of people who have booked for the period take precedence.
  6. Please remember that other groups / clients may be present, if one of these groups / clients is active in a given area, please do not interrupt them or enter their allotted space.
  7. No children under 15 years of age are allowed at Blandford Manor.

All prices EXCLUDE VAT except where stated otherwise

This document should be viewed as an addendum to our standard Terms and Conditions. When rates given in an official Blandford Manor quotation differ from the rates stated above, then the rates in the quotation take precedence.

This document is subject to change without notice and is intended as a guide only for customers planning a conference or event.

Revised: January 2023