Function Menus

Function Menus at Blandford Manor

 Christenings, Baby showers, Bridal showers, Anniversaries, Awards functions, are all part of the routine at

Blandford Manor with menu options available to suit your pocket and your style.

We serve a wide selection of cocktails

We serve a wide selection of cocktails

At Blandford Manor every effort is made to ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly trained team have many years of experience preparing culinary masterpieces for large and small groups. Traditionally we prepare individual dishes for small groups but far prefer to serve buffet meals to large groups (more than 20 guests)  – this ensures that guests do not have to wait for their food to be prepared.

Please refer to the attached menus for details on all function menus.

Please note that given time, we are normally able to taylor our menus to suit specific needs but this may result in a change in the price and will be strictly subject to availability of ingredients.

Function Charge:

Functions (such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers etc) are regularly catered for at Blandford Manor.

If you are planning on something simple and just want to have a meal as you would in any restaurant, then you would book a table in the normal way and you will be treated as any other restaurant guests. Please do not arrive and expect any special treatment simply because it is your birthday, anniversary etc

If on the other hand you would like to make the event more like a celebration, then we offer two solutions:

1. Choose one of our Buffet or Set Menus (note some menus are only available for 20 or more guests)and you are good to go, everything you require including table linen and table settings are included and you can bring in items to decorate the area around your tables.


2. If you wish to have decor at your function but would prefer to order from our a-la-carte menu, then we can provide you with the same arrangement as above but we require a minimum spend of R100 pp:

  • Tables will be set with table cloths and table settings to suit your chosen menu.
  • Tables will be provided for your cake (one cake is permitted) and for your gifts
  • You are allowed to bring in decor such as overlays, flowers, balloons, seat covers, tie backs and bunting
  • Note: no confetti or coloured ribbon is allowed

Note: We DO NOT cater for children’s parties

Please note the following:

  • You must restrict your activities to the area around your tables – please do not allow your guests to occupy adjacent tables.
  • No music or singing is allowed
  • Children with your party must be controlled so as to not interfere with the enjoyment of other restaurant patrons
  • Decor must be setup immediately before your function and removed immediately after your function – this is your responsibility, Manor staff are not permitted to assist you with this activity.
  • Please ensure that you bring everything you need to set up, we cannot assist you with the supply of tape, string, ladders, scissors, Presstik etc.

Notes regarding our various function menus:

The Classic Menu has a plated starter

A Minimum of 20 guests are required for buffet and plated meals

A basic charge for waiters and barmen is INCLUDED in the price of all buffet and set menus, however please remember to give your waiters a little extra if you feel they have provided really good service.

The Garden venue hire is INCLUDED in the price of buffet and set menus

A self-service tea and coffee station can be provided – Extra charge R400

No take-aways or doggy bags are allowed with buffet meals

Buffet meals are served at the time requested (in writing prior to event) or, failing this,

at the time shown on our booking confirmation.

The Buffet remains for 90 minutes from time of serving – no extensions

You will be charged for the number of people indicated to us IN WRITING

latest 2 days before your function. No changes on the day.

Should more guests arrive than expected, then we will make every effort to serve them and you will be charged at the same rate as other guests. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate them.

Please keep us informed as to any guests with specific dietary requirements (vegetarian etc)

Halaal and Kosher meals must be obtained from outside agencies and a surcharge applies – please discuss this with us at least 4 days before your function as no orders can be placed after this time.

Full payment for the buffet meal is required in advance