The Gardens

Autumn Garden

Autumn Garden


The gardens at Blandford Manor are internationally registered at Kew in the United Kingdom as botanic gardens which means that we have a responsibility to develop the gardens and protect the plant life. We welcome visitors to the gardens and look forward to discussing issues related to the preservation and propagation of plant species.

A wide selection of both indigenous and exotic species may be viewed in our gardens including:

  • More than 115 species of trees in our arboretum
  • More than 400 species of plants of various forms.

To better display the plants, the gardens have been sub divided into a number of sections as follows:

  • The River, spanned by three wooden bridges and lined by ivy as a protection mechanism against flood damage.
  • The Azalea dell – containing a selection of Azaleas and Camelias plus a few ferns.
  • The Autumn Garden – containing a selection of plants and trees that provide spectacular colours during Autumn
  • The Summer Garden – featuring a large field of flowers, spectacular during Springtime with thousands of daisies and poppies crowned by Day Lilies and a selection of other flowering plants.
  • The Indigenous Garden – mainly indigenous plants with a showcase of succulents and indigenous bulbs (manly flowering in Spring)
  • The Spring Garden – a selection of flowering Cherry, Crab Apple and Magnolia trees lining the pathway, flowering in Spring.
  • The Rock gardens – a selection of Aloes flowering in Autumn and winter
  • The Fern Garden – A selection of indigenous and exotic ferns
  • The Secret Garden – a soft water garden featuring Clivia, ferns, ground covers, water features, birds and moon plants plus many other shade loving plants (only open to the public on specified dates)

Entrance Fee:

  • Casual visitors – An entrance fee of R50 per adult applies for anyone wishing to enter the gardens and not eat at the restaurant, please pay at the bar in the Wild Goose Cafe. Note: no children under 15 years of age.
  • Special Concession: Restaurant guests may make use of the gardens at no cost provided they have had a meal.
  • Photographers: May make use of the gardens for photo shoots, please advise the office that you have arrived – payment of the entrance fee is required BEFORE the photo session commences.

Rules of the garden:

The garden, all plants and animal life must be treated with the utmost respect, particularly since this is a registered botanic garden where plants are showcased to the public.

More specific rules as to conduct whilst in the gardens are posted at the entrance, please read these before entering.

No food may be brought in.