Weddings at the Manor

Where Elegance and Exclusivity are important

Weddings at Blandford Manor are most appreciated by the more mature couples looking for a memorable occasion in beautiful surroundings where peace and tranquility, first class food and service outweigh the need for the more traditional disco themed events. Blandford Manor specialise in daytime weddings.

This is the perfect venue for friends and family to relax and chat and to really get to know each other.

Our gorgeous botanical gardens are often selected by photographers looking for the perfect setting to create a wedding album that will ultimately become the one true unfailing memory that you will retain of your most important day. Where better to take your vows than in an environment where you are truly close to nature.

Our gardens offer a wide selection of backdrops ranging from the Azalea dell to the rock garden, the water features and wonderful antique style bridges with their glimmering  reflections, to the raw nature of savannah grass. In any season there is always more than one perfect place to capture that memorable shot.

Wedding ceremony in progress

Wedding ceremony in progress

Our gazebo draped in flowing white cotton provides the ideal conditions for the wedding ceremony, with your guests all able to get close to the action sitting on three sides, rather than in the rather traditional chapel seating where many guests are so far from the proceedings they can hardly see or hear anything.

Your wedding reception can take place outdoors if you wish or indoors if you prefer, both options are available. Outdoor weddings are particularly relevant for people wishing to keep it simple, while indoor weddings are chosen by those wishing to decorate the venue a little more and to have complete privacy.

Crossing the bridge

Crossing the bridge

The joy of acoustic music:

While loud music is so often viewed as the essential part of a wedding reception, times are gradually changing with more and more couples preferring the sound of acoustic music. String quartets, solo violins and saxaphones (all played as they were intended, without amplification) add a further dimension to a wedding, people can enjoy the music but can also chat without having to shout above the din.

You wont have to step outside for a break from the noise or if you want to get to know someone better.